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  • “After 15 years, we expect that NIHL would start to appear…”

    ArticleThe National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has awarded a $954,000 grant to MCRF to study the same group of Wisconsin youth to see whether the increase in hearing protection use continued into adulthood and whether it helped preserve hearing. The new three-year study, under principal investigator Barbara Marlenga, Ph.D., a research scientist […]

  • A story about a man and his many, many, many records

    A story about a man and his many, many, many records

    Check out the story of Paul Mawhinney on NoiseAddicts.comThe second video is interesting. Over his lifetime he collected…– 3 Million Records– 300,000 Compact Discs 83% of the music he has from 1948 to 1966 has never been re-released and is not available. Sadly, he’s selling his collection because of several reasons but wants to keep […]

  • Volume-limiting headphones for kids

    Volume-limiting headphones for kids

    Here is a good idea, MyPhones uses a built-in, always-on sound-control circuit to cap peak volume levels at 85 decibels. Saving kids from the risk of exposure to dangerous levels of volume. This product isn’t a substitution to educating kids about the hazards of noise induced hearing loss but they offer a welcome level of […]

  • The EU’s New MP3 Player Policy

    The EU’s New MP3 Player Policy

    “The European Commission’s new policy will require iPods and other MP3 players to have a default maximum volume of 80 decibels. That’s considered a “very loud” level by most sound rankings; anything above that mark can be potentially dangerous. Presently, most MP3 players go as loud as 115 to 125 decibels.”

  • Inner ear hair cells, magnification: x21,000

    Inner ear hair cells, magnification: x21,000“Inner ear hair cells. Colored scanning electron micrograph (SEM) of sensory hair cells from the organ of corti, in the cochlea of the inner ear. These cells are surrounded by a fluid called the endolymph. As sound enters the ear it causes waves to form in the endolymph, which in turn cause these hairs to […]

  • If There Was No Demand There Would Be No Supply

    If There Was No Demand There Would Be No Supply

    I don’t endorse this product (or believe it works) but it points to a rise in demand for relief for a condition caused by Noise Induced Hearing Loss. I keep hearing them run commercials on Sirius satellite radio so I checked out their web page. It doesn’t offer much info about their “unique homeopathic formula using proven […]

  • Hearing Loss Caused by Golf!?!

    Hearing Loss Caused by Golf!?!

    Golfers have a new threat out on the course. Players using the current generation of thin-faced titanium drivers should consider wearing ear plugs, experts advise.A recent case in the British Medical Journal revealed that ear specialists suspect the “sonic boom” the metal club head makes when it strikes the ball damaged the hearing of a […]

  • My Day with The iPad

    My Day with The iPad

    After finally playing with the iPad for the day I got a few first impressions. It’s cool, even though I’d sooner have a laptop (but aside from personal preference,) it’s a new way to consume media that impacts to how many iPad users use headphones. Specifically more reasons to use headphones to watch TV, movies […]

  • Vuvuzela tops noise league, seen threat to hearing

    Vuvuzela tops noise league, seen threat to hearing

    JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) – South Africa’s vuvuzela, the trumpet that will be a fixture at World Cup matches, is the loudest of all fan instruments and can cause permanent hearing loss, a global hearing foundation said on Monday. Soccer governing body FIFA has okayed the plastic trumpet for the tournament, which starts on Friday, after organizers did tests […]